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 Special Upcoming Events

We specialize in sponsoring family orientated events that are suitable for everyone young or old, and offer these events to the community with love in our hearts in honor of the Goddess. Crescent MoonGoddess is owned and operated by a Third Degree (BTW) British Traditional Alexandrian initiate of Salem MA, and is run in honor of the Old Ways based off of proper morals and family values.

Our courteous, very pleasant and helpful professional staff specializes in giving you the quality of hospitality you come to expect from crescentmoongoddess. Take advantage of our highly recommend Events and enjoyable atmosphere. Letting us make you feel as one of our family is our primary goal.

New York Witch Festival 2008
OCTOBER 25th, 2008

Here are a few of the many Presenters, Workshops, & Lectures
that will be offered at the New York Witch Festival.

*Oberon Zell-Ravenheart*
*Edain McCoy* *Lois T. Martin* *Raven & Stephanie Grimasi* *Lady Isadora*
*Wendy Rule* *Ellen Seigel* *Castalia* *James Gilchrist*
by HPS Bonnie Thompson
(3rd Degree Alexandrian High Priestess)
and the Coven of Crescent Moongoddess & Outer Court Members.

Come Rain or Shine...
Long Island's Largest Indoor Festival.
Fly by for a Wiccan Good Time!

The New York Witch Festival is a Special Time and Place Where You can go and enjoy the day with family and friends that only comes once a year. No matter what the weather condition is we will be indoors enjoying the festivities.
 Hosted by Bonnie Thompson
(3rd Degree Alexandrian High Priestess)

Offical New York Witch Festival Website
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Official New York Witch Festival Flyer

Friday July 11th 2008 at 7pm!

We look forward to her New York appearance at
Crescent Moongoddess. "Castalia totally captivates
her audience with her mellow voice and haunting harp. She
is a classy and seasoned performer. Her CD's are wonderful.
 But nothing beats seeing Castalia "live" !


Wicca in the News!

Un-Hexing Yankee Stadium.
April 11, 2008
Witch from Hicksville, LI, cast a
 spell to sweep away the jinx.


Wicca in the News!
New York Daily News
October 22, 2007

"Wicca Witch of the West (L.I.)"


Wicca in the News!
Long Island Newsday
November 24, 2007

How would you explain
to a child?


The WitchCrafting PodCast
Interviewing Bonnie Thompson Hps
 of the Coven of the Crescent MoonGoddess
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
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Long Island Witch Initiated by
Alexandrian Coven in Salem Massachusetts
August 25th, 2004 (1st Degree)
April 9th, 2006 (2nd Degree)
February 19 th, 2007 (3rd Degree High Priestess)
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Wiccan Study Group Classes
 For the ways of the Witch
Classes are Forming Now!
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SpiralScouts on Long Island


The Coven of Crescent Moon Goddess has formed Long Island SpiralScouts for the children of Pagan Parents! SpiralScouts are building a program and a community that will help us teach our children that the world is a wonderful place,full of diversity and fun. Come, help us build!

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Special Past Events
of 2002 Through 2007
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